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The earth offers a natural resource that can be used to help you achieve amazing beauty results. This source is clay, which is used as a facial mud mask. When in its most natural form, the mud has an amazing amount of minerals, and other natural ingredients, which provide astonishing healing, restorative and moisturizing benefits for the skin. There are several different types of Mineral Mudd masks, and each is found in a different exotic area around the world, and provide unique benefits. Facial mud masks come in a variety of different colors, and each type is beneficial for people of many different ages and skin types. By becoming familiar with each different type of Mineral Mudd, you can see for yourself why people around the world have been, and continue to use, this amazing natural clay for all of their beauty needs.

french_clayFrench Green comes from France, and it offers amazing toning benefits when applied to the skin. This Mud gets its color from several different sources which include; iron oxides, kelp, seaweed and algae. This is the perfect mask for oily skin because it lifts all impurities from the pores, removes toxins, and its toning actions actually stimulate the skin and remove dead skin cells from the outer layer. The end result is oil free skin, which is glowing with radiance and tightens up nicely.

white_kaolin_clayWhite Kaolin is one of the most common clay types, and provides the gentlest treatment for skin. This is a wonderful choice for those with sensitive skin because you will not experience any irritation to the skin, which is common for those with skin sensitivities. White Kaolin has a very high mineral content which helps stimulate blood flow in the skin and exfoliate it. When you use this clay on a regular basis, you’ll actually receive the results of reduced poor size, bright glowing skin, improved circulation and skin free from toxins.

australian_clayAustralian Yellow comes directly from Australia, and is one of the best Mineral Mudds for exfoliating and cleansing your skin. It is great for strengthening connective tissue, toning skin and improving blood circulation. Australian Yellow clay’s benefits do not stop there. It also removes toxins and superfluous fat from the skin, while hydrating at the same time. This clay is most beneficial for those who have problem skin such as; dermatitis, acne and eczema.

moroccan_clayMoroccan Rhassoul  comes from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. This clay is packed with amazing minerals such as; Magnesium, Silica, Potassium and Calcium. These minerals provide noticeable benefits for the skin directly after use. Due to the high level of ions in this clay, it can help remove wrinkles from the skin, while providing intense moisturizing benefits. This earthy brown clay is known for reducing dryness, while improving skin clarity and helping with elasticity.

red_rose_clayRed Rose gets its name from its amazing bright red color. This type of mudd mask comes from the United States, and is used to purify the skin. The clay has mild exfoliating properties, which help pull impurities from the skin, remove dead skin cells and tighten pores, while rejuvenating and tightening the completion.

calcium_clayCalcium Bentonite has the most amazing detoxifying properties of all the Mineral Mudd clays. It is found in both Montana and Wyoming. It has a very unique charge which allows the clay to pull impurities from the skin unlike any other clay available. It also reduces fine lines, wrinkles, stimulates blood circulation and shrinks pore sizes, while balancing the skins PH. You’ll love the look you achieve after using this special clay type.

russian_clayRussian Cambrian comes from the mysterious salt lakes of Siberia, Russia. The natural blue color of this clay is achieved from the combination of iron, zinc and algae. It is a very rich clay with a creamy texture, which helps reduce pore size while promoting the regeneration of cells. It also gradually decreases subcutaneous fat, while returning firmness and elasticity to the skin. Many people use this clay to reverse the effects of an “Orange Peel”. It also has many other beneficial skin purposes that our customers love.

Each Mineral Mudd product offers such unique benefits that you may get all of your facial mud mask needs from one clay, or you can use different clays to help you achieve the complexion you’ve always been searching for. The history of each clay shows that is has been beneficial for thousands of years, and you can start experiencing the benefits of this skin changing clay for yourself today. See your skin in its best condition by choosing the right Mineral Mud mask for you.

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