Earth’s Finest Clay Facial Masks

Mineral Mudd is a colorful collection of Earths Finest Clay Facial Masks. Found in exotic places around our world, mother nature has blessed us with her naturally colorful array of rejuvenating, healing and detoxifying clays we call Mineral Mudd. Our collection has been researched and tested to bring you only the highest and safest grade clays available. Mineral Mudd imports directly ensuring a 100% natural product.Try our Russian Blue Clay Facial Mask, (yes! It really is blue!) for a creamy and luxurious facial mask or an Australian Yellow Clay Facial Mask to exfoliate and awaken your skin. Whatever your skin type, Mineral Mudd has a natural facial mask just for you. Teens find our Calcium Bentonite Clay Facial Mask to be the best natural acne cure out there and men love it for their bald heads, women swear by our Red Rose Clay Facial Mask to tighten the skin and reduce pore size. Mineral Mudd can also be used on your entire body. See our large jars for better pricing. We believe that simple is beautiful and beautiful is natural.

Safe Packaging

Plastic packaging is loaded with toxins that clays can pull out, glass, on the other hand, has no toxins.

At Mineral Mudd, we package only in GLASS keeping our clay as pure as mother nature intended them to be.

100% natural 100% of the time

To ensure maximum freshness our products are crafted in small batches, which is a guarantee of quality.

We use recyclable air tight glass packaging and are committed to reducing waste globally and minimize the amount of packaging we use as much as possible.

Exotic Colors

Not only is Mineral Mudd loaded with essential minerals that nourish our skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, shrink our pores and even absorb subcutaneous fats and excess oils but our collection is naturally COLORFUL, too.

Mother nature has blessed us with vibrant and naturally colored clays. Our Russian Blue is really blue, our French Green is naturally green, our Australian Yellow, really yellow. Mineral Mudd is the only company that carries this type of selection. We import directly to ensure the highest grade clays available

Detox & Heal

Mother Nature has blessed us with natural healing for centuries. Mineral Mudd is reminding everyone of her simple gifts. Natural clays have enormous detoxifying properties that literally can pull out and expel bacterias, viruses and toxins from our bodies, they are loaded with essential minerals that nourish our skin reduce the appearance of wrinkles, shrink our pores and even absorb subcutaneous fats and excess oils, they stimulate our circulation and keep our skin exfoliated.

Try Mineral Mudd to Rejuvenate, Detox and Heal the skin.

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